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Friday, September 15, 2006

Working on Mittens

I ordered some fleece from Malden Mills online and got 17 lbs of great fleece for mittens and hats, etc. for $45. They sell their remnants in bundles and they sure are a bargain. This time I got beige and rose, both really large pieces. Sometimes the pieces are smaller but always very usable. You don't have a choice of color, but the fleece is very good quality. I have twelve mittens cut out already and will cut out more tonight. I think the rose will be used for long sleeved shirts for the kids on the Rez. It is a lighter wt than the beige. I'll put some different trim on the collar, cuffs, etc. to give them some individuality and make them in sizes for the school kids.

I ordered the new carriage with wings for the Bond and tried it out. Works SO much better! But I've put the Bond away for now in favor of sewing all these mittens that need to get done before Oct. 1st. We will be making things for the Elders next month and I will probably make some shawls and shrugs for them on the Bond. With the new carriage, I can see that actually happening!

I was able to get the Kwik Sew Toddler book with patterns on eBay for cheap. The toddler patterns are designed to accomodate kids with diapers and have extra room in the crotch. I sure like these Kwik Sew books with all their sizes. They run very true to ready-to-wear sizing, too.

I'm thinking of giving my serger to the Rez. I find that I really don't use it much anymore because of space limitations--and I know that Julie would use it at the Main where the ladies do their quilting. So it would definitely have a good home! My sewing machine/embroidery machine does everything I need--and does it well. I think they have discontinued the Kenmore Elite Ergo3 19010--which is a shame, as it was an excellent value and it is a real work horse. Janome makes it and it has all the features that make sewing a pleasure. But there are always the Janome models to choose from and if I had to get another machine, I would shop for one of those. The Ergo3 looks to last for a very long time, however, so not much chance of that! LOL

I sent a big box to the Rez and included a lot of the sewing books that I don't use anymore. There were several serging books in there, so I need to email Julie and tell her to hang on to those for reference for when the serger arrives. Will try to send it to South Dakota soon.

Well, back to sewing mittens. Will post pictures later when I make some progress!

OTN: a BSJ for a family friend, socks for Piper and a new pair of socks for myself.


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