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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well, we adjust as we need to!

The knitting looms didn't turn out to be a very good idea for me after all. I found them awkward and harder on my hands than regular knitting, so will send these off to the Rez. Someone there may enjoy them. They show pictures of teens knitting with them, so will send them to the Main. They have lots of craft projects for the kids. Will include some yarn to get them started.

I finished 35 of the cool ties for Ship Support and have another batch in progress. It is good that we only mail once a month as it give me time to get things done without feeling like I have to hurry.

Mary and I wound up sending to WIC 15 pairs of shorts for kids, 11 bright cool ties for them to work in the garden, 22 flannel receiving blankets and 20 baby washcloths. I also made 7 diaper bags. I have a larger diaper bag pattern that I will make for the next box. Takes a lot to get those babies from one place to the other!

I'm still waiting on the fleece I ordered to arrive. Will be making mittens for the kids for school. Also found a pattern for a baby bunting to sew. They show it with a zipper, but I am going to use velcro squares for closures. Much cheaper than zippers and don't break! Very secure, though. JoAnn's has velcro in big rolls and I will use one of their coupons to bring the price down. I get free shipping from them anyway--and no sales tax, so it makes a good deal for me. And it comes right to my door!

I did order the new Bond carriage with wings. I have it set up, but haven't tried it out yet. It does run across the bed much smoother than my old carriage, so that is encouraging! The wings are to pick up the yarn and prevent stitches from dropping off so easily. A problem that I was having with the old carriage.

I'm going to be using the Bond to make some hats for the kids and some rectangular shawls for the Elders this month. Easy stuff that I don't have to sweat over!

Time to get to bed. Rise early and start knitting!


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