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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Packing is going well for my move back to Calif Oct 7th

Moving is so messy! But it is an opportunity to clean out the stash and share with the ladies at the Rez. With winter coming on, some extra yarn will be welcome, I'm sure.

My sewing machine and sewing supplies are packed and will be going on the plane with me. I am allowed to take 2 pieces of luggage checked in, so I am stuffing all my clothes around everything else! So far it's working pretty good! I'll just throw them in the dryer with a wet wash cloth when I get to my son's house and let the dryer steam the wrinkles out!

I'm taking along a Stash Shawl project that I started because of reading Ann's blog, Sheep Shots. It is knit from the top down and very easy to manage. With circs, I won't be poking my seat buddy! And worsted wt is easier for me to see at night. The yarn is gray and I'm making red stripes. It is for one of the elders on the Rez--but I can see myself making this one again! I'm really enjoying working on it.

Back to sorting and boxing books for the trip.

Keep knitting,


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