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Saturday, September 23, 2006

I took a deep breath and cut the Toes Off!

I've been wanting to lengthen my Cranberry socks for sometime now, but the idea of unraveling those toes rather intimidated me. So I took some sharp scissors and CUT THE TOES OFF! THEN I unraveled the socks back to where I could easily pick up the stitches, knit another inch, and start decreasing for the toes again. Much easier than I thought--and I feel so proud of myself for being In Charge of My Knitting! If I hadn't learned so much from Elizabeth Zimmermann and her wonderful books, I can't imagine that I would have tried this! LOL But in her book, Knitting Without Tears, she tells how to knit circular sweater bodies and then cut a steek for a cardigan or for the sleeves. The scissors and I became good friends out of that experience! And now these socks are much the better for being the right length. I even added some reinforcement yarn to the toes during the knitting. Two birds with one stone, I figure!

Mitten sewing continues. I cut out 12 pairs of teen size mittens and I'm working on them now. The box will be mailed at the end of the week to the Rez. I did get the serger sent off to the Rez last Friday, so they should have it Monday or Tuesday. I feel good about sending it--it will get much more use there than here. As I said before, my Ergo3 does everything I need.

Well, back to those fleece mittens!
happy knitting and sewing!


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