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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Having Fun With Sewing

I've been keeping the sewing machine busy the past few days. I am making cool ties for The Hugs Project and for Ship Support. And I got some flannel at WalMart yesterday to make receiving blankets for the Rez. In fact, I've got them hemmed already this morning!

I will work on more cool ties today. I'm at the filling them with gel crystals stage, so getting very close to having to start some new ones. I'll count them all up when I get these finished and post them.

When I joined The Hugs Project


I learned from their files how to make an inexpensive hugs/cool tie turner out of PVC pipe and a dowel. It really works well and has allowed me to speed up making the cool ties a lot! I'm really glad I found them!

Got a wonderful box of fabric, cone thread and elastic from Mary Di Blasi today. This is the second box she has sent me to help me make things for the Rez. With a little help from my friends! Isn't that how the song goes! Amazing what a few people working together can achieve to help others live a little better.

I've also been learning to use the round knitting looms. With the arthritis in my hands, it gives me a change of pace from regular knitting and I can still make hats! JoAnn's had a 40% code online so I sent for the set of 4 Knifty Knitter Looms. Different sizes, different hats!

Back to the sewing machine for me now!


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