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Friday, July 28, 2006

Hot, Hot Weather!

Oh, this hot weather is really getting to me! So hot, in fact, that I am taking a break from my knitting and have started to sew instead! I've been making shorts for the kids at the Rez--did a test run on the shorts with Cora and she loves them!

It is a cute pattern from the Kwik-Sew booklet Sewing For Children. Amazon has it for $18.95. It has a master pattern with all the sizes for ages 4-12. You just trace off the size you want. I got my copy a couple of years ago and I figure that it paid for itself in short time! Patterns are so expensive now. There are patterns for pants, shorts, T-shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets, sleepwear. All of them easy to sew and the sizes run very true. No affiliation, etc. I just really like this pattern.


They also have the Kwik Sew booklet Sewing for Toddlers and I will probably get that soon. I figured the school kids needed these shorts now though--they are the ones who get out there in their organic garden on the Rez.

When the weather cools down a bit, I will be back to knitting mittens for the Rez. Our mailing date for the Blitz is Oct. 1st, so I do have a little time for those. I have been knitting for 20 min. a day on my Soldiers Socks--usually in the morning when it is still cool enough to handle the wool without sweating! But that's about all I can manage right now! Fortunately, summer is short here--though August can really be miserable at times! Ah, well. I think about our young men and women in the military overseas and know they are even hotter. I'd better get busy and sew some cool ties for Ship Support for them.

Keep happy!

Sunday, July 23, 2006


I'm knitting my Socks For Soldiers in white sport weight now and making great progress! I watched Tom Cruise in "The Last Samurai" tonight and got lots of inches done. I'm doing them Magic Loop method, each sock on its own circ so I don't have to mess with tangled yarn! I put each sock and its yarn in a gallon ziplock bag and put those in a project bag that I can just pick up and take anytime. I really like the sport weight yarn and it is working up beautifully. I will try to post photos later.

I will be knitting a pair of Leisure Socks for the soldiers group, too. Our group received a marvelous donation of hand dyed yarn from Claudia--I'm waiting for my yarn to arrive in the mail. I will be knitting it concurrently with the other pair of Soldier socks. Can't wait to see the color that Kim sends me.

In the meantime, I working at finishing up Piper's boot socks--she will need them for riding her new pony. I also have my pair of Socks That Rock on the home stretch. Both heels are turned and I'm knitting the foot section now.

When I get tired of so much sock knitting and need a bit of a break, I switch over to the Bond Knitting Machine. I'm making preemie blankies and they go pretty fast.

I also have a pattern for making mittens on the Bond. Sometimes the arthritis in my hands gets the best of me, so having the Bond to play with means I can keep productive! The mittens for the Rez need to be mailed by Oct. 1st so if I figure out this mitten pattern, I could get quite a few made by then. Just hope it is as easy as it proclaims itself to be! It is from Kangamoo Knits dot com. You can select patterns by level of difficulty, which is great. No affiliation--I just like the patterns I've tried out so far--and they have a long list of freebies, too.

About the only sewing I've done is the shorts for Cora--well, I did make her a little sheet with her name embroidered on it. It is too hot for her to have a blanket on her, but she likes to have something pulled up on her when she goes to sleep. So the sheet made her happy! Especially having her very own name on it!

Keep cool and stay happy!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Photo of My Cranberry Socks

A kind reader requested a photo of my Cranberry Socks, so here it is. It is a simple pattern. Just lots of ribbing, carried down the front of the sock until I got tired of it! LOL Then finished it in stocking stitch. Isn't it great to be able to be in charge of your knitting! So many other things in life are beyond our control, but knitting is ONE thing that I can manage pretty well!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Variety of Knitting Projects

With all this hot summer weather, small projects are the thing to knit! I have been making mittens for the Rez, tiny tube socks for preemies for K4C, and finishing up a pair of socks for myself for next winter. I'm waiting on a yarn order to arrive with white yarn to make SocksForSoldiers. Kim will dye them black for me. All these projects should keep me busy till the cooler weather arrives--and then I can REALLY start to knit! Ah, we knitters are truly addicted to our craft!

I will post some pics later this week of the finished ones.