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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I surfed over to see what Smiley's Yarn had on sale--well, I guess you know THAT was a mistake! Lots and lots of wool and wool blend yarns! Just in time for the Mitten Challenge! I decided to try the bulky yarns and see about making teen size mittens. So I bought mostly neutral colors and will liven them up with some broad stripes of color from my stash. I think I will use size 8 needles and try for a firm fabric. That may help keep that cold wind from crisping up their fingers! And the bulky yarn should work up very quickly.

I plan to use some of it for bed socks for The Ships Project, too. Maybe some hats, as well. They need those for evacuating the wounded soldiers to areas to be treated. Those helicopters and big planes hold a lot of carry on beds for transfer. The trip is quick, but cold. The hats and socks help stabilize the body temp of the wounded soldiers while being transported. And give them a little comfort as they make the journey back home to us. Of course, I will be doing those Magic Loop style, too. So comfortable for my hands to knit that way.

My son, Michael, called from California to tell me he has a new job--a very GOOD PAYING JOB! He has been struggling with a lot of things going on in his life, so I was very glad to hear the good news! A mom always wants the best for her kids!

My latest project--other than knitting and sewing--is saving for a car. Since I left my car in California when I moved to NY, I've had to depend on Rachael to get me places. And she has been great about it--but there's nothing like being able to get in the car and head for the store on your own! It will take me a while to save up for the car, but that's okay. I just need a transportation car--and I don't want to go into debt for it. Why give them interest on a loan when I really rather have my money to spend on YARN!!!!! But I have fun looking in the classifieds at car ads now!

Well, back to knitting mittens!


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