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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


You know how you try something--and then later think, "I'll never do that again" Well, I did the two socks on one circ a while back, toughed it out and learned how to do it--and decided it was more trouble than it was worth. I was right.

I am knitting BIG BLACK SOCKS for soldiers and decided maybe I should try the two socks on one circ again. Maybe this time it would go better. Maybe I would like it this time. So I got them transferred over onto one 40" needle and started knitting. First few rows were okay, and then the tangles started again. That's what drove me batty the last time! But I'm smarter this time--I know I don't have to suffer anymore! I just put them back on their own needles and got back to knitting. Will they be the exact length? Well, close enough! I mean the things have to be 12 inches before you start the heel! So I will measure each sock as accurately as I can and then do the heels. Works for me! And I am much more likely to finish them!

Speaking of heels: I've never done a short row heel before and was reading Ann's blog SheepShots. In it she recommended this short row heel, so I plan to give it a try.


I am starting to knit socks for Children in Common and the little socks will be a good chance to learn to make those short row heels. This pattern seems like something I could actually do.

We soon will be having a Mitten Challenge for Native American Support. I enjoyed last year's challenge and as a group we got a lot of mittens to the Rez to keep those little hands warm. This year we will be working on the Mitten Challenge a bit longer--get more of those mittens made before school starts. Mittens and socks are good knitting projects during the warmer weather--small and easy to tote around.

I am making a little progress on the Grandmother's Fan quilt. I am sewing the fan wedges now. The 1/4 inch foot on my sewing machine does such a nice job. I thought about sewing them together by hand, but discovered it is just not my style. Decided that I would hand sew the curved parts, though, for accuracy. So I will be adapting the methods to make me happy--as usual! Hey, that's what all this is about! Enjoying what we do!

Till next time--


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