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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Catching Cora

What a quick little imp she is! Cora came into my room yesterday while I was winding the skein of Socks That Rock! I got the colorway "Fire on the Mountain. And in less than two seconds she had it all in a tangle! All those lovely colors just had to be touched! Sigh. So now I am fighting my way through the tangles so I can roll it up into a center pull ball. I'm making progress and will work on it again tonight. STR is a superwash merino, expensive, but very beautiful. This will be my first pair of socks made with STR and I'm looking forward to starting them.

I have also ordered some spring colored self-patterning yarns and will make some socks for Cora and for Piper.

I joined two new Yahoo groups recently: SockForSoldiers, to make black socks for men and women in the armed services and The Ships Project, to make slippers. They wear the slippers in their bunks at night. I can use any colors for those. In the cold weather, I will make beanie hats for them as well. The nice thing about the hats and slippers is that I can use the worsted yarns that work up faster. The black sock yarn is thin and I will only be able to work on it during the daytime when I can see the stitches better.

Just sent off a package of baby sweaters, hats and booties with Cheryl--she mailed them to the Rez with some of her things. Have another BSJ on the needles of course.

Mostly mending for Patrick. If I could get my nose out of my sock knitting, I might get some quilting done!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

New Inspiration on the way

I had some money put aside and ordered a Leisure Arts booklet 60 Easy to knit squares. I read about it on one of my lists--the patterns make 12 inch squares which will be great for afghans. Apparently they run true to size--and I won't have to mess with math! I want to make afghans for Piper and Cora--great snuggle blankies for 6 yr olds and 4 yr olds. And a good portable project. I have lots of left over yarns in bright colors which will be perfect. And all the different patterns will keep it from being boring--about the time I finish a square it will be time to pick a new pattern!

I talked with Piper (in Calif, picture with her kitty) and she told me about her knitting. She learned to knit in school this year (first grade)--it is a Waldorf-based education system at her school. They teach addition and subtraction using knitting. I sent Piper the book "Kids Knitting" at Christmas and she has already knit a scarf. She said that she can cast on and cast off all by herself now--learned it from the book--and is knitting a purse in knitting class at school. I am so delighted with her learning to knit! We are close anyway, and this is just one more delight to share with her. I'm going to go through my yarns and put together a package with lots of pretty colors for her to work with. Piper says she wants to learn to crochet, too. Guess I'll have to look for Learn to Crochet book for her next!

Cora is too active to sit long enough to try to knit, but she likes dolly clothes and blankets that GranMommy makes for her!

On the Needles:
A BSJ in process--about half way done.

A pair of socks using left over yarns (Magic Loop one at a time.) Gave up doing two at a time as the tangles drove me crazy! I finally figured out how to solve the problems, but decided it wasn't worth the bother. I knit for PLEASURE--and that was no fun! I found that I like the 40 inch Addis for Magic Loop, so now have two size 2's and two size 1's for my socks. I doubt if I will need to go much smaller than that, at least for now. The 2's seem to do about right for most of the yarns I have right now.

Cut out some more 5 inch squares, but haven't spent time sewing lately. Too busy playing with the knitting!

A Look at some BSJ's

Finally managed to get some pics of the latest baby sweaters. They are on their way to the Rez now.