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Saturday, February 11, 2006

5 hour sweater completed

I finished my first-ever 5 hour baby sweater and it turned out nicely. Certainly took me more than 5 hours to knit, but it was fun to do. I will probably make this pattern again sometime, but I have to admit the The Baby Surprise Jacket is really my favorite. Lots of peaceful knitting and not much fussing about what to do next.

I have a pair of worsted weight socks in the works. Not particularly thrilled with them--they started out as a two-needle pattern, but I couldn't stand the back and forth stuff, so switched to a long circ and adapted the pattern so I could knit it in the round. Will put in an afterthought heel and really make it simple!

Will probably start a job search soon. That will cut down on knitting and sewing time, but will give me the money to shop for new goodies! Yay!! And there is always lunch time to get a few stitches done.

I have several BSJ's finished, but need to take pictures to share. I rearranged my camera set up and haven't put it back together with the computer.

I just found out that soy milk is better for diabetics to use--good for osteoporosis, too. Paul is going to send my soy milk maker to me (left it in Calif -:() Hope it will get here sometime next week. I flavor mine with vanilla and Splenda and it tastes great--cheap to make, too. The stuff in the store is expensive. The soymilk maker is easy to use and quick. SoyaJoy is the name of mine.

I may even try making some tofu--fresh tofu tastes great.


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