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Friday, December 23, 2005

Almost Christmas

It is hard to believe that Christmas is almost here--sort of sneaked up on me! Good thing I got the long distance gifts sent early in the month. My DGD Piper (6 yrs) is learning to knit in her Waldorf school, so I sent her the book "Kids Knitting" which tells how to make your own knitting needles, shows how to knit, has projects, etc. Really good book for kids--or any beginning knitting--basic info nicely illustrated. DGD Cora (4 yrs) is getting a new hat and scarf set for the cold NY weather. Whenever she sees me knitting, she wants to know if it is for her! This time it was!

The rest of Christmas will be very simple for the family here. Scarf, hat, afghan--it has been very cold, so my choices have been to try to keep us warm!

My Christmas Wish is for a phone call from California to hear from Piper and her family. That would warm my heart! My Christmas gift to myself was ordering some new circular needles. I really like the Inox Express needles. Good prices and they knit very well.

I am almost finished with a pair of socks for myself. I try to knit an inch a day on them. I'm doing them on circular needles, Magic Loop style. I worked on them for a while with DPNS but was using Brittany 5 inch and had trouble with stitches dropping off--real hassle! Switched to circs and no more problems. These are just "around the house" socks for me, and I'm using up scrap yarn. I've been making afterthought heels and like them very much, but thought I would try a regular flap heel to see if I like it better. So one sock will have an afterthought heel and one will have a flap heel. It is the gusset which gives me problems. Eventually I get the gussets right, but picking up those stitches so they look nice is not my favorite thing to do. The afterthought heel is a real no-brainer and turns out great every time. So will undoubtably be using that most of the time! I like easy! And I like handmade socks on my feet! I have lots of sock yarn in my stash, picked up at sales, etc. over time. So I'm using what I have and playing with colors. Lots of color for the tops and leftover yarns for the foot section. I am getting to where I like the plain colors better than the self-striping yarns--shows the different stitches better--the self-striping yarn sort of all looks the same after a while. But I have it, it is wool and pretty colors, and they will keep my feet warm just fine!

Knitting Machine:
I've been making hats and scarves for the Rez and will ship them off soon. Lots of bright colors for the kids.

Not doing too much with the quilt lately--mostly knitting, but will get back to it after Christmas.

Hope your holiday is a happy one!