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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Knitting frustrations

Maybe it is the coming holidays--or maybe it is just that I am bored with the projects I have started. But so far I have taken apart a small sweater that I started--didn't like the color. Variegated greens--not my favorite anyway.

Started a sweater for myself--seamless from the bottom up--SO SLOW TO MAKE PROGRESS!! And dark blue, so I can only knit on it during the daylight hours.

So I have light colored knit squares for night knitting--those at least are going well. I have a pair of socks almost finished--into the foot--nice mindless knitting. Guess that is what I need right now. Will start another pair when these are done--cold winter weather makes those kind of projects good to work on! And I have lots of pretty sock yarns!

Guess that is the key--pick those pretty yarns! Will post some pics when the socks are finished. Hope your knitting is going better than mine!

My sewing project is going okay--the quilt is growing and the colors are bright and cheery. I'm sure sleeping under those pretty colors will keep me even warmer! I will have enough leftovers to make Cora a quilt, too. She is interested seeing it go together. I think I will applique some animals and birds on her quilt, just for fun.

Press onward--Christmas is on the way!


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