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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Knitting frustrations

Maybe it is the coming holidays--or maybe it is just that I am bored with the projects I have started. But so far I have taken apart a small sweater that I started--didn't like the color. Variegated greens--not my favorite anyway.

Started a sweater for myself--seamless from the bottom up--SO SLOW TO MAKE PROGRESS!! And dark blue, so I can only knit on it during the daylight hours.

So I have light colored knit squares for night knitting--those at least are going well. I have a pair of socks almost finished--into the foot--nice mindless knitting. Guess that is what I need right now. Will start another pair when these are done--cold winter weather makes those kind of projects good to work on! And I have lots of pretty sock yarns!

Guess that is the key--pick those pretty yarns! Will post some pics when the socks are finished. Hope your knitting is going better than mine!

My sewing project is going okay--the quilt is growing and the colors are bright and cheery. I'm sure sleeping under those pretty colors will keep me even warmer! I will have enough leftovers to make Cora a quilt, too. She is interested seeing it go together. I think I will applique some animals and birds on her quilt, just for fun.

Press onward--Christmas is on the way!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Too Many Cats

My son has a Maine Coon Cat, all 28 lbs. White with a ring tail and quite the character. One cat is interesting, especially when he is intelligent and somewhat teachable. I mean he is a CAT after all with a mind of his own!

But we now have three OTHER cats in the house for the rest of the winter. Rachael's mom is house sitting for the winter and her cats are going to be here until spring. And of course they all love my room. I ENCOURAGE them to go elsewhere--and hope they learn over time to find a different place to hang out!

I have always loved animals and appreciated their companionship, but four cats in an apartment is kitty overload! Dogs are less destructive, especially with yarn, but then there is no room for a dog here either. Probably a good thing or the house would REALLY be impossible! I'm sure I will learn to cope with them for the duration, but I have to admit I will be glad for the winter to leave and the extra cats as well.

I'm working on a hat for the Rez. Black chunky wool garter stitch band with a light purple yarn added to the top. Should be thick and warm. Also have a raglan sweater going from the top down. First one of this type I've done. Liked it at first, but now I'm having a hard time figuring out whether the size will be right. I've always knit from the bottom up before and could judge easily. All in what you get used to, so I will finish this one and see. May go back to EZ's seamless sweaters for the next one.

Sewing quilt blocks for my queen size comforter--a few each day. Just random patchwork, but the colors are cheery and nice. With the colder weather I'll be glad to get the extra blanket on the bed. I'll have lots of left overs for baby quilts for the Rez, too. Those are small and fast.

Looking forward to getting a flat shelf board for my Bond knitting machine to be set up on. It has to be absolutely flat--the rough board I "borrowed" from my son's lumber stash just didn't work! (Hey, guys have a different kind of stash!) Also have to get a pair of snow boots--we have a long cold winter ahead here in NY, too.

Will post pictures of the hat when it is finished. Also the green socks. They turned out a little too long. I've thought about shortening them, but so far have just ignored the thought! I have another pair on the needles in a Mexican colorway and they can just be the right length! Knit and learn!