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Friday, October 28, 2005

Setting Up My USM Knitting Machine

Today I got busy and started setting up my USM knitting machine. It is such a quick way to make Christmas gifts, especially hats and scarves for everyone. As I worked on the project, I discovered that the table I purchased is too thick to allow me to easily clamp the machine down. So I have had to get a board to first clamp the board onto, now I need to get some C-clamps to clamp the board to the table. A little extra work, but in one way, a good step, as I can take the machine off the table without disassembling it. Just unclamp the board, take board, machine and all off, and lean it against a wall near by. Use it again? Put the board back on the table, use the C-clamps again and away I go. Fast, easy and it makes access to my sewing machine easier, too.

So tomorrow is C-clamp day. My son is supposed to get some for me. I had a set of C-clamps, but they may still be in California in a box there! Just wait! I'll buy these and the others will show up! Definitely have to have them or the weight of the knitting will pull the machine off the table.

You can see that my work space is very limited--but it holds all that is important!

Happy knitting and hug the people you love!


Blogger Mariella said...

Oh, you are way ahead of me!
Looking at your machine being set up makes me promise to take it out of the closet today and set it up!
Time to start cranking out those scarves and hats.

Sunday, October 30, 2005  

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