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Friday, October 21, 2005

Number 7 on the Needles! Photo of all seven

Finished Mittens #6 and have cast on for #7 pair in bright royal blue wool. I found some bright red yarn to make some stripes in these and will probably do small stripes. Have thought about making candy cane stripes that travel diagonally. Just read about doing that, but may save the pattern for a scarf instead until I really work out how to do it. Once the pattern is established, it is just a matter of moving the color over a couple of sts. every 2nd row. The directions I found use 6 stitch stripes that travel, but I'm sure that can be adjusted if you want a narrower stripe. It would be fun to play with--and kids would love it!

I'm going today to get a sewing table for my room. I've looked for a while for a second-hand table but haven't found anything that suits. So will get one of those banquet tables about 6 ft. long to use. Can use the surface to cut material out on, anyway. It is a challenge organizing everything in just one room, but so far it is working out pretty well. As I get some of the storage solutions worked out, it will be even better. Thank goodness for clear plastic storage boxes and WalMart!

Have been watching the progress of Hurricane Wilma toward Florida. Another gigantic storm that can do catastrophic damage to areas already hit by so many others. And we have until Nov. 30th before hurricane season ends! With all they have gone through this year, I think I would really consider moving if I lived in those areas! The risk to lives has been so great--and the physical damage has been terrible. I suspect a number of people are seriously considering such a move. Every area has its disadvantages, but those hurricanes have been so powerful and beyond the response of most people. It certainly has made people aware of the need to have emergency supplies on hand. Not just talk about doing it, but actually put things into food storage, supplies, etc. I know I am planning to get extra medicines for myself to keep in a 72 hour kit for such an emergency. I'll need to get a backpack to put it all in again. Had one all set up in Calif. but will have to re-do it now. Which is fine, because with the colder weather here in NY, I will need to add some different things to it.

Time to work on my medical transcription course studies: this is turning into a very interesting area for me. Getting back into a study pattern has been a challenge, of course! Sort of "grit your teeth and do it!" But I'm always glad when I get to it and get involved. Isn't that the way it always is? We have this reluctance to get started and then find our enthusiasm building as we participate fully. Part of the lessons we learn as we go through life!

Enjoy your knitting and your families!


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