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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mitten pair number six

I should be able to finish this sixth pair of mittens tonight. I'm really into the home stretch of this mitten challenge! and having a great time with it! I have one pair that I am going to really miss and will have to knit another pair for myself--I made a larger pair in red wool. My hands were bothering me before I went to bed (I have arthritis) so I slipped those wool mittens on and went to sleep. Woke up in the morning with my hands feeling great! Relaxed and warm and no pain! So that is a definite project for me in the making. These I will send off, though, as they are just right for a teenager to appreciate and enjoy--and I know those winds are blowing on the Rez. I can wait to make myself another pair.

I think after I finish these mittens that I will start making some socks and slippers. I have some great sport weight wool and can reinforce the heels and toes with regular sock yarn for longer wear. And some extra color! lots of little leftovers from other projects. Maybe put three strands of fingering yarn together to do the heels and toes. I really would like to learn to make socks from the toes up, just to learn the technique. So maybe this is the time to play with that. I hear a lot of people say they like that because they can better judge the sock length and not run out of yarn on the top. sounds good, but so far I haven't been able to wrap my mind around the concept! But I have the Crazy Toes and Heels book which shows in detail how to do it, so will follow that and see how I do. Lots of pictures and will take my time and should be okay. Will let you know how successful I am!

When I first got started doing 2 socks on 2 circs I got frustrated with the tangled yarn. Finally went to the magic loop system, which I like very much better. I cast on for both socks at the same time. Knit the cuff on one, then knit the cuff on the other. Knit to the heel on one, then knit to the heel on the other. Put in the sts for the afterthought heel for one, put in the sts for the afterthought heel for the other. And so on. I continue to alternate knitting between socks and when I finish, I have a pair of socks ready to wear--and no frustrations! I think every one has to find their own best way to make socks--this is the one that seems to work for me. I used dpns for years and still enjoy them from time to time, especially for very small things like the thumbs of mittens. But for my socks, I really like the magic loop and the ease it gives me to finish a pair of socks. It took me a lot of practice to become comfortable with the magic loop method too, but now that I use it so much, I'm glad that I spent the time learning it. And since I like to make things in pairs, I'm glad that I have the longer pairs of circs to work with. Now I'm starting to order some of the 36 inch and 40 inch circs for sweaters! Guess you can see where this is going! I'm going to have some fun making myself some pretty sweaters--have already started looking at my Spun Outs and EZ books!

Happy knitting!


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