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Sunday, October 23, 2005

2 socks 2 circs and tangling yarn

I think I wrote before that I stopped using the 2 sock 2 circ method because I got so frustrated with the yarn tangling. Well, I have finally mastered that--thanks to Queen Kahuna! I bought the book Crazy Toes and Heels some time back, but haven't spent a lot of time with it.


I want to learn how to do the toe up method and she shows it very clearly, so got it out--and found the answer to the tangled yarn! So simple and easy--and it works! So I am happily knitting my last pair of challenge mittens on 2 circs with NO TANGLING YARN NOW!!!! I am doing stripes on this pair, so it will make it easy to keep them matching. No counting--just change colors whenever I need to. I plan to make some with small motifs later, so this will be a helpful method for that as well.

I highly recommend this book--no affiliation, just a visual learner who has gotten a lot of help from the book. It is well worth the money she is asking for it. Now I'm actually looking forward to learning the toe up method and will make a bunch of warm wool socks for myself for the winter to practice on until I get comfortable with it. I have some lovely sport weight wool yarn and will reinforce the heels and toes with left over fingering yarn from other sock projects. That will give them a little more durability--and most of the fingering yarn is multi-colored so it will brighten up the solid colors, too! I am planning to make these socks longer than I usually do--probably up over the calf--need the warmth. I also have some worsted weight wool--that I may make into some bed socks--can you tell that I hate to have cold feet????

I have my sewing table and sewing machine set up--and will be able to set up my USM knitting machine. I want to use it to make some everyday sweaters--fast easy and washable! Fast to knit, but it takes a while to sew them together. Good tv/movie activity, I've found. I'm getting better at it.

Cora has already asked for another sweater--she loves the Baby Surprise Jacket I made for her, so will whip something out on the Bond. Plan to do one for Piper as well. I have some intarsia patterns that I want to play with for them. Kids are so much fun to knit for!

Hope your week is a happy one.


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