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Friday, July 08, 2005

Latest projects

While working on sorting and packing boxes, I have to have something to work on just to keep me sane--or reasonably so! My latest projects are crocheted 9 inch squares for Native American Support blankets and knitted baby socks for the babies at the Rez.

I love making baby socks! They take so little yarn and you can play with the colors--and because they are so small, they are soon finished! I plan to make some mittens to match the socks as winter is very cold in South Dakata where the Rez is located. I plan to make up a package to mail, probably in November. Should have quite a few done by then, I suspect. I usually make baby blankets, too, but will wait till I get settled in after my move to NY to start those. Will have to post pictures later.


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