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Friday, July 01, 2005

Changes--repacking to move to NY

About the time you think you can settle down, things change! I've really enjoyed my time here with Mike and Heidi and Piper, but I'm getting ready to move to upstate NY to be with my son, Patrick, and his family. What's a mom to do! LOL Go where you have to go, I guess! Well, with two sweet sons, I have good choices.

With such a long distance to move, I have decided to ship only the minimum back East and just fly back. Pat has cars, etc. when I get there and I really don't want to drive 3000 miles by myself! All this has made me really look at my pattern books and thin things out, but I'm keeping my treasures!

We lived in upstate NY for ten years when the boys were growing up, so I have many friends there as well as my son and his family. It is a comfortable feeling to be returning to old places. I particularly enjoyed the cold winters, especially when I could stay inside and knit and sew! I may look for a teaching job there--or even something parttime. Have to support my fabric and yarn addiction! LOL

More later.


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