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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Saturday July 30, 2005

Today is my parents' wedding anniversary. They are both gone now, but this was always a special day in our family. My mother was a stay at home mom and loved it and my dad was a carpenter and worked very hard for us. He bought land and built us a home (we got to help!) I helped him put shingles on the roof and loved being so high in the air. My sis and I had to hold a heavy 2 x 4 T-frame for a long time for Dad while he nailed up the sheetrock on the ceilings in the house--we thought our arms would fall off!

It turned out to be a wonderful house for a family. We had a little over an acre, so we had big gardens, chickens, pigs and beef cows. Quite the country life! Some of our friends had horses and I learned to ride on a little cowpony named Patches who was 20 years old. If you fell off of him, he would instantly stop and let you get on again. But if he decided that it was time to go home and eat, well, he took the bit in his teeth and off you went whether you wanted to or not!

One of the sweetest memories I have of my childhood was the day I came in to find my mom and dad in the kitchen on their anniversary. Mom had a huge ARMFUL of what we called wild yellow daisies (black eyed susans). My dad didn't have any money for a gift for her, but he had seen these wild flowers along the side of the road and stopped to pick her a huge armful. Mom was holding those flowers like a treasure--and they were--and tears were streaming down her face as my dad put his arm around her and said, "Now don't cry, Honey"

At first I thought something was wrong, but Mom said No. She was just so happy. I never forgot that special day and years later I wrote a song about it called Wild Yellow Daisies. Whenever I sang it for my folks, they cried, especially my dad. It touched him so much that I had remembered that day. I wrote a lot of songs about my family including The Happy Blues, Old-Fashioned Lovers,My Mother's Love. Lots more. They were the foundation of my life and I loved them. I tried to pass that love along to my own children. I hope I succeeded.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Baby socks and squares

I seem to be stalled on the baby socks, but the squares are coming along. I find it hard to concentrate on any sort of pattern with all the confusion of moving, but the squares are simple enough to be relaxing. I've just been making a granny square variation out of scrap yarns which goes pretty fast and I don't have to worry about running out yarn--can always add something else and it will look okay.

Will be moving to upstate NY on Aug 8th, so packing has GOT to be a priority!!!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Latest projects

While working on sorting and packing boxes, I have to have something to work on just to keep me sane--or reasonably so! My latest projects are crocheted 9 inch squares for Native American Support blankets and knitted baby socks for the babies at the Rez.

I love making baby socks! They take so little yarn and you can play with the colors--and because they are so small, they are soon finished! I plan to make some mittens to match the socks as winter is very cold in South Dakata where the Rez is located. I plan to make up a package to mail, probably in November. Should have quite a few done by then, I suspect. I usually make baby blankets, too, but will wait till I get settled in after my move to NY to start those. Will have to post pictures later.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Changes--repacking to move to NY

About the time you think you can settle down, things change! I've really enjoyed my time here with Mike and Heidi and Piper, but I'm getting ready to move to upstate NY to be with my son, Patrick, and his family. What's a mom to do! LOL Go where you have to go, I guess! Well, with two sweet sons, I have good choices.

With such a long distance to move, I have decided to ship only the minimum back East and just fly back. Pat has cars, etc. when I get there and I really don't want to drive 3000 miles by myself! All this has made me really look at my pattern books and thin things out, but I'm keeping my treasures!

We lived in upstate NY for ten years when the boys were growing up, so I have many friends there as well as my son and his family. It is a comfortable feeling to be returning to old places. I particularly enjoyed the cold winters, especially when I could stay inside and knit and sew! I may look for a teaching job there--or even something parttime. Have to support my fabric and yarn addiction! LOL

More later.