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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Moving after June 1st

Oh, the joys of moving! I will be moving after June 1st to live with my son and his family. They are happy about it and so am I--will get to be with my granddaughter every day! Piper is 6 yrs old now and she is excited that I am coming to stay with them. My own grandmother lived with us while I was growing up and I know how wonderful that can be for a child. I have wonderful memories of those times.

Mike and Heidi have a big lovely home and I will have a large room for all my projects, as well as my own bedroom. Well, Mike knows with my sewing machines and computers I'm going to need it!

But right now I am in that horrible packing stage and trying to get down to just the essentials. Now how does a knitter/sewist define that!!! You know that EVERYTHING is precious! However, I am being ruthless and the thrift stores are very happy with the bags of goodies coming in the door!

I have a hat almost finished for CRR and will post a picture of it later.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Toddler socks 2 Posted by Hello

Another pair of toddler socks Posted by Hello

Toddler socks for CRR Posted by Hello