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Friday, April 22, 2005

New Glasses are great--and other changes

I'm enjoying my new glasses and being able to see better. Sure makes knitting and sewing much easier!

I recently found out what SWAP means--sewing with a plan! I've worked with the capsule idea before with RTW, but have gotten out my easy patterns and I'm planning to make knit wardrobe for summer.

I found a jumper in my closet that I liked the skirt, but not the top, so I took it apart, put in an elastic waistband and now have a black and white houndstooth check skirt with black trim. I also found a black T-top and a black satiny long sleeved blouse. Now I plan to check my stash for fabrics for more tops in colors. I plan to make simple T-tops in bright colors and I want to make a long A-line skirt and top in a bright print. I will probably buy a pair of pants and a cardigan.

Now I just have to dig through the stash! This is fun!