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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Saturday Ramblings

Here it is Saturday and I still haven't cut out the elastic waist pants I want to make. Well, maybe after I get this updated I can get the material out and get started.

I haven't been feeling too well--not much energy and hard to keep going on the projects. Guess the DM is working on me again. With my meds reduced, that is probably the case and I will just have to wait and see how my body adjusts.

I have two pairs of CIC socks almost finished and I'm still working on the green waffle socks for myself. I should probably concentrate on just one pair at a time, but I keep switching back and forth as I get bored with them. It is probably time to do a vest for a change of pace!

Sewing List:
Elastic waist pants
Flared skirt with pockets
Classic blouse with long sleeves
T-shirt with short sleeves

I ordered Swedish Tracing Paper from SewBaby.com and I'm looking forward to getting it. I have heard good things about it and I haven't been able to find anything locally. I may ask at the market and see if I can buy a roll of butcher paper till it come. I will have to see if it is transparent enough to see through to trace the patterns. I may check at the drug store and see the wrapping paper, too. There may be something there that I can use. I'm stalled until I can get my patterns traced off!!!

I'm off to the store!


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