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Friday, February 25, 2005

Excellent Results of Surgery!

Saw the doctor today and the right eye has 20/25 now! He says we will wait a year or so on the left eye unless something changes drastically as it can still be corrected with glasses. So in late March I will be able to get new glasses and have better vision all 'round! I'm so happy as this will keep me sewing and knitting a lot longer1

Thank goodness for modern science!

Monday, February 21, 2005

A Busy Week Ahead

Cataract surgery on my right eye will be on Thursday, so I have lots of doctor appts., both before and after the surgery. I'm really looking forward to getting this done as my right eye has gotten really blurry and the doc tells me that the new lens will make a big difference. I'm up for it! Eventually, I will have to have the left eye done also and then I won't need anything but reading glasses--and those not as strong as what I now have. Which means I won't get as tired when I do my sewing and knitting.

Amazingly, there are very few restrictions after the surgery. One is to wear an eye patch for a while to protect the eye and the new lens so it can set itself properly. Another is not to pick up anything heavier than 5 lbs. Well, none of my knitting or sewing projects weigh that much, so I'm happy! I will be able to read, knit, sew--gentle, quiet activities are okay. And in a few weeks I will be back to "normal" (if there is such a thing!).

I have been trying to get inspired to work on a blouse pattern for myself, but haven't progressed very far. I have been reading Barbara Deckert's book Sewing for Plus Sizes and have found some good tips for pattern alterations. Since my weight gain on prednisone, I really need to get going on some sewing for myself, but altering patterns is not my favorite thing to do. Partly because my work area is so small (I sew in my bedroom and cut things out on my bed) and partly because I get so easily tired now that I have to stop often to rest. So I just plug along, 10 min here and there and make as much progress as I can. But without the proper changes to make the patterns fit, the garments won't suit me, so I have to get with the program!

I did a test embroidery pattern with metallic thread last week. It is beautiful, but much harder to work with as it seems to break often. I guess if I used it more often I might find better settings for it. Will have to play with it again later as it really did turn out lovely.

My friend, Roy, has a birthday this week and I need to make him a gift. He is so good to come by and help out with projects around here that I can't do myself. I may make him a polar fleece vest. That would be quick and he goes to work early in the morning when it is cold. But I will have to get it done before my surgery!

Patrick's birthday is March 8th so I have to think of what I need to make for him. I know he could use a warm afghan, esp. in the cold weather they've had in NY this year.

Heidi's bday is April 5th and Piper's bday is April 21 and then Mike's bday is May 20 so looks like I'll be happily sewing for a while on family things.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Saturday Ramblings

Here it is Saturday and I still haven't cut out the elastic waist pants I want to make. Well, maybe after I get this updated I can get the material out and get started.

I haven't been feeling too well--not much energy and hard to keep going on the projects. Guess the DM is working on me again. With my meds reduced, that is probably the case and I will just have to wait and see how my body adjusts.

I have two pairs of CIC socks almost finished and I'm still working on the green waffle socks for myself. I should probably concentrate on just one pair at a time, but I keep switching back and forth as I get bored with them. It is probably time to do a vest for a change of pace!

Sewing List:
Elastic waist pants
Flared skirt with pockets
Classic blouse with long sleeves
T-shirt with short sleeves

I ordered Swedish Tracing Paper from SewBaby.com and I'm looking forward to getting it. I have heard good things about it and I haven't been able to find anything locally. I may ask at the market and see if I can buy a roll of butcher paper till it come. I will have to see if it is transparent enough to see through to trace the patterns. I may check at the drug store and see the wrapping paper, too. There may be something there that I can use. I'm stalled until I can get my patterns traced off!!!

I'm off to the store!