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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Poor Pattern Printing

I gave up trying to cut out that dress pattern! The lines on the tissue were so LIGHT that I couldn't see them--I twisted and turned the pattern in the light, trying to see to cut the edge. Finally I decided that for 99 cents that I would just chuck it and start cutting out one of the other patterns I bought.

I opened up another dress pattern and it is perfect. Don't they have some kind of quality control for their printing process? I think I'll take the other pattern back and see if the store will trade it for something I can use and let Butterick take the loss. Worth asking anyway.

So now I am cutting the pattern tissue for an empire dress with pleats that looks really easy to make. I want to get the pattern prep done on these patterns so I can settle down and do some sewing. It is slow going now, but makes a big difference when I start wardrobe planning.

Time to get back to work.


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