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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Catch Up Day

Today has to be my catch up day. I have my trusty kitchen timer out and will be doing 15 minutes in each room as fast as I can. After that the day is mine to knit and sew! Well, something has to motivate me!

What I plan to do first is to sew fleece hats. Next week is the shipping date for Ship Support, so I want to get as many done as I can. Fortunately they do sew up quickly and will go to bless those young men and women overseas and on the ships. They also give them to the wounded service people that are being transferred to Germany for medical treatment to help keep them warm and comfortable on their trip.

Next, I will cut out my elastic waist pants and get ready to fit them. I'm looking forward to having a comfortable pair of pants to wear again. Since I've gained so much weight due to the meds I take for Dermatomyositis, I really need some new clothes.

And then if I have any energy left after all the above, I will knit one inch on my green waffle weave socks. I'm on the foot area and it seems like it is taking forever! I will be doing afterthought heels on them and I'm doing 2 socks/2 circs, so I really am close to finishing them. Good thing, as I need another pair of warm socks for this winter weather.

Still haven't figured out how to add photos on this blog. Did it once, so must be able to do it again. If only I can figure it out! LOL


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