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Thursday, January 27, 2005

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Catch Up Day

Today has to be my catch up day. I have my trusty kitchen timer out and will be doing 15 minutes in each room as fast as I can. After that the day is mine to knit and sew! Well, something has to motivate me!

What I plan to do first is to sew fleece hats. Next week is the shipping date for Ship Support, so I want to get as many done as I can. Fortunately they do sew up quickly and will go to bless those young men and women overseas and on the ships. They also give them to the wounded service people that are being transferred to Germany for medical treatment to help keep them warm and comfortable on their trip.

Next, I will cut out my elastic waist pants and get ready to fit them. I'm looking forward to having a comfortable pair of pants to wear again. Since I've gained so much weight due to the meds I take for Dermatomyositis, I really need some new clothes.

And then if I have any energy left after all the above, I will knit one inch on my green waffle weave socks. I'm on the foot area and it seems like it is taking forever! I will be doing afterthought heels on them and I'm doing 2 socks/2 circs, so I really am close to finishing them. Good thing, as I need another pair of warm socks for this winter weather.

Still haven't figured out how to add photos on this blog. Did it once, so must be able to do it again. If only I can figure it out! LOL

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Poor Pattern Printing

I gave up trying to cut out that dress pattern! The lines on the tissue were so LIGHT that I couldn't see them--I twisted and turned the pattern in the light, trying to see to cut the edge. Finally I decided that for 99 cents that I would just chuck it and start cutting out one of the other patterns I bought.

I opened up another dress pattern and it is perfect. Don't they have some kind of quality control for their printing process? I think I'll take the other pattern back and see if the store will trade it for something I can use and let Butterick take the loss. Worth asking anyway.

So now I am cutting the pattern tissue for an empire dress with pleats that looks really easy to make. I want to get the pattern prep done on these patterns so I can settle down and do some sewing. It is slow going now, but makes a big difference when I start wardrobe planning.

Time to get back to work.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


I spent some TV time last night cutting out the tissue patterns for some of my new sewing patterns. I got a pair of elastic waist pants ready to fit today and will cut out some fabric from my stash to try them out. I'll spend some time fitting the pattern, then will cut out a couple of pair.

I made a start on cutting out the tissue pattern for a dress, but that will take a little longer. Lots more pieces and lots more fitting! I'll probably take my time with that one. There is another dress pattern that is simpler that I may make first as it has fewer pieces and less fitting problems. I'm kind of in the mood for easy sewing right now!

But once these patterns are fitted correctly, I will be able to easily make some nice clothes and fairly quickly. The trick is not to be in a hurry with the fitting process. I usually make some design changes along the way, adding pockets if the pattern doesn't have them, etc. I bought a princess line dress pattern and I'm not sure how I will like it. But it is good to try something new once in a while! That one will have to have pockets added to it. Can't stand dresses, skirts or pants without pockets! They are just so useful! And if you make them of lining fabrics, they are flat and thin. I usually add inseam pockets as I like them the best.

Well, off to the sewing projects!

Friday, January 21, 2005

Love to Knit and Sew

Here it is January 2005 and this is my first posting of the new year. Christmas was very quiet. Everyone was sick so we didn't get together. I missed seeing Piper.

I finished my cranberry socks and am happily wearing them. I'm currently knitting a soft moss green pair for myself and am about 1/2 done. I did a basket weave pattern for the top and I'm doing an afterthought heel on them. I started these on size 1 needles, but just can't stand working with them, so changed to size 2. Like them much better and like the fabric much better, too.

I ordered some Inox 6" DPNS to do the afterthought heels on. I really like Inox circular needles, too, and plan to get some more. The cord on them is very soft and flexible and I enjoy knitting with them. The price is SO REASONABLE! I have quite a few Addi Turbos, but I like the Inox needles much better. Just wish I had discovered them earlier--could have saved myself a lot of money!!!

Baby hats for the Cheyenne River Rez.
I have a blue hat finished and I'm knitting a pretty yellow one now. I plan to knit matching baby booties for them, too. I have a favorite pattern that knits up quickly.

Ship Support hats:
I'm sewing fleece hats for the troops. They go really quickly and help keep our young men and women warm. Fleece is so much fun to work with--kind of an amazing fabric.

Elders at the Rez:
I'm using fleece scraps to make eyeglass cases and scarves for the elderly. I recently found a pattern for a fleece shawl with pockets that would be good for them too. It is so cold in South Dakota in the winter and their housing is very substandard. Many of them live in little trailer houses that are not insulated at all.

Sewing for ME:
I've decided that I need to make some pretty clothes for myself. The meds that I take for Dermatomyositis (Prednisone in particular) have caused me to gain a lot of weight. I'll be on these meds for a long time, so I better face it and get busy sewing! LOL

I know that fitting myself will be something of a problem, so have started looking for patterns I like that will be helpful. In my sewing books I found one about making a sloper and I think that may be something I will do. Then I can use it to change any other pattern I use. I made a sloper several years ago and have found it again. I will check out the measurements and see if I can reuse this one with some changes. If not, it's back to square one!!

Well, enough for today. Time to get started on some of these projects. Will try to figure out how to add pictures next time. I have forgotten how!!