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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Cranberry socks

Love to Knit and Sew

I have been working away on my Cranberry socks and making good progress. This is the first time I am knitting the K2P2 down the instep and I will see how I like wearing it. It does draw the sock in nicer, but I am also thinking that I may need to use less stitches as most of my socks have been a bit looser than I like. Will soon be able to tell, I guess.

I like working with the Regia 4 yarn very much and I know it will wear well. But I think it is time to start a sport weight pair of socks--they will go faster! Or even worsted weight! Ah, instant gratification! The wonderful thing about sock, however is the long lasting pleasure of wearing beauty on your feet!!

Off to choose some yarn and start that sport or worsted weight pair!

Pictures will follow later


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