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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Love to Knit and Sew

Love to Knit and Sew


I've been in a sock knitting mood lately, probably because they are so portable. Ever since I learned to finally to do 2 socks on 2 circs I've liked knitting socks a LOT more! I WAS making them on dpns, two at a time, but sometimes I forgot which sock I was working on and sometimes they didn't come out exactly the same size because of it. I mean, they were very wearable and pretty, and kept feet warm just fine. But the ease of knitting 2 socks on 2 circs has really been wonderful. No more fighting ladders or dropped stitches.

I have found that I prefer 24" circs. I have some 16" which I now use for kids socks mostly. And I have been getting bamboo circs because my hands relax so much better because the yarn holds on a little and I don't have to fight to the stitches from sliding. The only exception for me comes with the very small size needles. Size 3 and up are now bamboo, but Size 2 and down will be Addi Turbo. I have the sz. 2 set already and payday plan to get the sz. 1 set. Eventually I will get smaller Addis as needed. Some yarns are so thin that I really have to drop down to get a gauge that works well for me. The nice thing about having needle sets is I am free to start a new pair of socks anytime.

And that is what I plan to do now! I have 100 gr of Regia 4 self striping in cranberry/navy/grey and will be making them for ME! The cold weather is coming and I'll need some good socks to keep my feet warm in my Birkies.

I'll post pics when the socks are finished.


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